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The Music Business Conference is the platform to foster important face-to-face connections within the Gospel Music Industry in Trinidad and Tobago. It is key to providing vital information to all stakeholders, improving decision making, and sharing experiences that would enhance the industry and all involved.


The Future of the Industry

The Gospel Music Industry in Trinidad and Tobago continues to grow each year with the emergence of new artistes, producers, writers, and technicians amongst others. We prioritize the healthy development of each stakeholder in this industry and as such our Music Business Conference is designed to go beyond our annual conference and schedule other events that would assist in business development, modern marketing, regional/ international influence, consumer intelligence, monetizing music among other timely seminars. These events would allow subject matter experts to cover the most critical issues facing the industry in our times.


Our framework seeks to discover and showcase every talent within our shores and assist individuals, businesses, groups, projects and others in meeting and surpassing common or international standards of business and professionalism. From speakers to fashion designers, from craft makers to music engineers, we aim to learn and build on past industry leaders to provide positive and ultimately better avenues for existing, emerging and future industry stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Your involvement in these conferences, seminars and other events should not be underestimated. Trinidad and Tobago boasts a unique blend of persons, talents and ideas. We need to hear from you at these events. The ripple effect of insights shared, lessons learnt, industry-defining discussions and experiences gained from industry leaders has been the foundation for the growth of the gospel industry. Our young voices have also stood out and proven that the next generation of industry leaders are already here. Our framework of business events aims to include all. Share in our business expos and workshops, and grow as you help us understand the multiplicity of needs and ideas within the industry, and chart the future of the gospel music industry. 

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