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iRep Christ is a cultural extravaganza! The Caribbean is a melting pot of Multitalented believers and when they're brought to 'One Stage' it's electric! iRep is a Sanctified Celebration showcasing the beauty of our diverse cultures while affirming our Unity in Purpose; our Unity in Christ!


The Caribbean Reps Christ!

iRep is a unique two-dimensional Caribbean showcase. iRep Christ - declares our boldness in being identified as Christians and being proud to say no to the world. We wear our belief, with patrons displaying their love for God creatively on their attire. iRep my island - presents a significant opportunity for residents, students and others who are nationals of regional territories to illuminate their national pride as we come together to showcase the beauty and oneness of the Caribbean people to the world. 

iRep features some of the Caribbean's best gospel talents, and performances that not only represent Christ, but allows their nationals a taste of home through connecting with local artistes and through authentic local cuisine. The celebration of our people and our God is truly an energizing experience and a showpiece of diversity and music tourism.

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