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Congratulations to BRANDON BEST! Winner of a record FIVE (5) GMATT awards in 2023:
Song Writer of the Year | Soca Song of the Year | Album of the Year | Song of the Year | Male Artiste of the Year

  • Album of the Year - 'IMELA' - BRANDON BEST

    Nominees - 'Art of Elevation' - Zion

  • Breakout Artiste of the Year - THANDIWE

    Nominees -  Aaron John, Alyssa Joseph, Ami, Candace Coker, Chad Esdelle, Corey The Prophet, Dorren Charles, Grace Favour, Giddon Gilbert, JR Dynamite, Kareema Al-Shabazz , Oracle Worship, Rayal Thomas, Renee Joseph-Fortune, Rhonda Love, Sonja Thomas

  • Choir of the Year - THE LYDIANS

    Nominees - MW Voices

  • Collaboration of the Year - 'VALLEY' - SAMUEL MEDAS FT. NATHANAEL

    Nominees -  'You Kept Me' - Zion & Blessed Messenger, 'Xplode' - Ezekeil & Blessed Messenger, 'Dancey' - Jahzy & Marc Issacs, 'Christ Clown' - JR Dynamite & Farenite, 'Passing Through The Storm' - Marc Isaacs & Sean Daniel, 'Seek Him' - Minister Seon & Emrand Henry, 'Stop Me' - Nataki Lendor & Reuel Lynch, 'Count Your Blessings' - Nathanael & John Yarde, 'Right Up' - Shaka Pro & Jovi Ton

  • Contemporary Song of the Year - 'ARROW' - CANDACE COKER

    Nominees -  'Will You Marry Me' - Bjorn Pierre, 'Cold' - Ezekiel Joseph, 'Make Me Over' - NISA, 'Too Far' - Jadee, 'SOS' - Rachel Eckstein ft. JR Dynamite, 'On My Way' - Joshua Ali, 'Starting Over' - Kevon Thomas, 'Surrender' - Mekaiel, 'Ascend' - Oracle Worship, 'Thinking Of You' - Soogie Muzik  'Definition Of Love' - Thandiwe

  • DJ of the Year - SELECTAH JR

    Nominees -  DJ Christchild, DJ Donis, DJ Faithchild, DJ Omari, DJ Phenomenal, DJ Praizhe, DJ Primus, DJ Soundclash, DJ Versatile, Master KC

  • Female Artiste of the Year - NISA

    Nominees -  Alyssa Joseph, Ami, Candace Coker, Carlene Wells, Renee Joseph-Fortune, Rhonda Love, Sonja Thomas, Thandiwe

  • Gospel Manager of the Year - KINGDOM MANAGEMENT

    Nominees -  NIK Entertainment, Glow Entertainment

  • Instrumentalist of the Year - BRANDON SEENATH

    Nominees -  Andre Jack, Jaedon Roberts, Jevin Paul, ND Drums

  • Male Artiste of the Year - BRANDON BEST

    Nominees -  Adeniyi 'Dr. Praise' Olatunji, Bjorn Pierre, Corey The Prophet, Zion, Jadee, Josh Samaroo, JR Dynamite, Mosqkey Musiq

  • Music Video of the Year - 'OLUWA IS' - RENEE JOSEPH-FORTUNE

    Nominees -  'No Weapon' - Alyssa Joseph, 'Champion' - Ami, 'Mountain To Mountain' - Bjorn Pierre, 'Thank You' - Ezekiel Joseph, 'Confident In You' - Farenite, 'Happy In Ah Real Lyfe' - NISA, 'Too Far' - Jadee, 'Pattern Fi Dem' - JR Dynamite, 'Press On' - Mosqkey Music, 'So Into You' - Marc Isaacs, 'Count Your Blessings' - Nathanael & John Yarde, 'Ascend' - Oracle Worship, 'Fire' - Rhonda Love, 'So Amazing' - Sonja Thomas

  • Praise and Worship Song of the Year - 'STRONGER' - NATAKI LENDOR

    Nominees -  'Endless Worship' - Brandon Best, 'He's Not Done' - NISA, 'Holy Spirit' - Marc Isaacs, 'Deep In My Heart' - Mekaiel, 'Ascend' - Oracle Worship, 'Psalm 27' - Rayal Thomas, 'Everything' - Vanessa Briggs, 'Love Unconditional' - JR Dynamite   

  • Producer of the Year - GARTH JR SINNETTE - ACTION 1 STUDIOS

    Nominees -  Kurn Noel - 'Kompel Music Production', Nigel Lopez - 'Sincerity Studios', Reuel Lynch - 'Deer Panteth Productions', Darien Ramroop - 'Zion', Shaka Pro

  • Reggae Song of the Year - 'CHAMPION' - AMI

    Nominees -  'Put It In D Music' - Bjorn Pierre, 'Goodness Of God' - Carla Watkins, 'Take It All Away From Me' - Carlene Wells, 'Jesus Makes A Way' - Christan Garraway, 'Thank You' - Ezekiel Joseph, 'Confident In You' - Farenite, 'Over It' - NISA, 'Pattern Fi Dem' - JR Dynamite, 'Best Of Me' - Jineel John, 'Fire' - Rhonda Love, 'Better Days' - Shaka Pro, 'Jesus Set Me Free' - Shein Williams, 'This Temple' - Kareema Al-Shabazz  

  • Soca Song of the Year - 'RUN' - BRANDON BEST

    Nominees -  'No Weapon' - Alyssa Joseph, 'Xplode' - Ezekiel Joseph & Blessed Messenger, 'A-G-A-I-N' - NISA, 'Pension' - Jadee, 'God's Army' - JR Dynamite, 'So Into You' - Marc Isaacs, 'Deep Down' - Mekaiel, 'Under De Blood' - Nigela

  • Song of the Year - 'IMELA' - BRANDON BEST

    Nominees -  'No Weapon' - Alyssa Joseph, 'Watch Over Me' - Ami, 'Fire Drill' - Bjorn Pierre, 'Arrow' - Candace Coker, 'Incredible' - Zion, 'All Of Me' - Ezekiel Joseph, 'Conquering Lion' - Farinite, 'Over It' - NISA, 'False Town' - JR Dynamite, 'This Temple' - Kareema Al-Shabazz, 'Press On' - Mosqkey Music, 'Praising Through The Storm' - Marc Isaacs & Sean Daniel, 'In Your Presence' - Nigela, 'Ascend' - Oracle Worship, 'Freedom' - Renee Joseph-Fortune, 'Secret Place' - Reuel Lynch

  • Song Writer of the Year - BRANDON BEST

    Nominees -  Alyssa Joseph, Bjorn Pierre, Candace Coker, NISA, Jadee, Josh Samaroo, Ami, Oracle Worship

  • Undiscovered Artiste of the Year - JOSHUA DAVID

    Nominees -  Austine Okeke, Chad Esdelle, Giddon Gilbert, Oracle Worship, Rachel Eckstein, Rayal Thomas, Riyad Emmanuel, Thandiwe Muller-Mends, Zenith

  • Vocal Group of the Year - FOWARD 

    Nominees - Gates Praise, St. Hilaire Brothers, Worth, Oracle Worship

  • Young Artiste of the Year - ALYSSA JOSEPH

    Nominees - Ami, Candace Coker, Chad Esdelle, Kareema Al-Shabazz, Oracle Worship


2023 Winners and Nominees


Congratulations to all winners and nominees!

~ keep focused, keep pushing.
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